Ironworks Fitness reflects a remarkably welcoming atmosphere that comes from the combination of a highly competent and supportive staff and a dedicated and cooperative membership. There is no question too small to ask of the staff, and there is no member who will not lend a hand, offer an encouraging smile, or step aside for another in need of a piece of equipment. The spectrum of equipment and programs is extensive, the cleanliness of the whole facility is excellent, and the Ironworks team is always open and responsive to membership suggestions. Just being there gives you a lift, so to speak! In five years as a member, the thought of checking out other facilities for something that might be better has never crossed my mind... because I already know that Ironworks is without equal!

Bob S.

Studio Fitness Classes

Listed below are our classes with brief descriptions of each that we offer here at Ironworks. Our classes are geared to accommodate everyone whether you are a beginner or advanced. Please visit or call our front desk for further details.

  • Step HIIT: Limited choreography to highlight athletic movement.

  • Body in Balance: Combined Yoga and Pilates fused. Mind and body work out.

  • Boxing and Conditioning: Fast paced cardio workout incorporating boxing moves.

  • Gentle Yoga: Movements done from chair or standing position only.

  • Muscle Up: Muscle balanced resistance program challenging the body.

  • Spin: Indoor cycling for all levels of fitness.

  • Stretch: Relaxed class atmosphere designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

  • TRX: Suspension full body workout.

  • Yoga: Movements to gain strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Beginner Yoga: learn or refine the basics of Yogav

  • Element Yoga: Explore a different element each week; Earth (legs), Water (hips) Fire (core), Air (chest/ shoulders)

  • Power Yoga: Movements to gain, strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Sunrise Flow Yoga: Jumpstart your day with an active, strong yoga flow.

  • Learn to spin: Great class for beginners to learn the basics.

  • Vinyassa Yoga: Awaken strength, energy and flexibilty as you flow from one movement to the next.

  • TABATA: High intensity resistance training class using light weights.

  • Zumba: High impact dance movements.

  • Schwinn
  • TRX


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