I have been a member of Ironworks for eight years. Compared to some that's a short stint, but during my eight years I have experienced a quality of fitness that exceeds expectations. Ironworks is a family run gym and each and every member of the Ironworks team make you feel like part of the family - a family that I am thrilled to be connected to.

Bobbi Jo D.


Welcome to our FAQ page

Should I have an appointment first or can I come in to ask questions and get a tour?
You do not need an appointment to visit us. Our front office staff can answer all your questions and take you for a tour.
What should I wear for my first visit for my consultation day?
On this day you can come in your street clothes. No gym attire is needed unless you would like to try some of the cardio equipment after.
Do I need to have a change of footwear?
During the winter months and inclement weather you will need to have a change of footwear. Salt is hard on our equipment and wet shoes can cause a hazard for yourself and other members, plus they are both very messy.
Do the change rooms have lockers and showers?
Both the men's and women's change rooms are equipped with lockers and showers.
Do I need to bring my own lock?
Yes, we recommend you bring your own lock so you can lock up your possessions while you workout.
Do you provide towels?
No, we do not provide members with towels.
Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes we are!
If I need help, can I ask at anytime?
Yes you can! We encourage members to ask us questions whenever they feel the need to. We want you to be comfortable with your program and what you are doing, so if you need help please ask!
Are there security cameras around the facility?
Yes, there are cameras throughout the gym both inside and out to ensure your safety 24 hours a day.
When I start do I get any training sessions?
Yes. All new, regular priced memberships receive a consultation and 3 personal training sessions to get them started on a program that is designed with your needs and goals in mind.
Can I purchase personal training sessions?
Yes you can. We have certified trainers that can help you work towards your goals.
How much are extra training sessions?
Sessions are priced by the hour or half hour and are determined by the individual trainer depending on what the client is looking for.
If I purchase a membership can I cancel it at anytime?
Yes. We have Pre-Authorized memberships that can be cancelled at anytime with 30 days written notice given to the front office staff.
If I purchase a full year membership and I go away on vacation, can I put my membership on hold?
Yes, you can put your membership on hold up to a maximum of 2 months.
Do you have day/week passes?
Yes we do. You can try the gym for a single day or week. Friends and Family are always welcome.
Do you offer memberships that are less than a year?
Yes. We have several different options for short term memberships.
Do your membership fees include classes?
Yes. Our memberships do include our classes. The only classes not included are classes offered by freelance trainers.
Do you have family, couples, senior and student membership rates?
Yes we do. Our rates are very flexible and we try our best to accommodate all needs and situations.
What are your busy times?
Like any gym our busy times tend to be around 9:30am and after work 5-5:30 pm. However, we are a 24 hour access facility which helps alleviate busy times throughout weekdays and weekends.
I've never been to a gym before. What should I expect?
You will come in through the main entrance to the front office where you will be greeted and introduced to your trainer. Your trainer will take you into the gym for either your consultation or they will take you through your own personalized training program.
What should I wear to work out in?
You can wear loose fitting clothing that you are comfortable in. This is not a "fashion show" gym.
Do you disinfect your equipment?
Yes. We work hard at keeping our equipment clean and there are spray bottles throughout the gym for members to wipe down equipment after they are done.
Where should I park when I arrive?
There is parking in front of the building, on the road and around the side of the building off of St. Clair Street.
Which door should I enter through?
The front office door is located under the black awning. The door of the block building enters the main gym and is the after hours access door.

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24 hour access facility
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