I have tried many different fitness facilities in the Sarnia area, as well as while travelling. I have now been at Ironworks for 5 years, and will maintain my membership for many years to come. The Ironworks team is extremely friendly and helpful. The gym and equipment are clean and well maintained. Ironworks also attracts a very friendly and courteous clientele ranging from young to old and all fitness levels. The atmosphere in the gym is always inviting. I look forward to each of my workouts and would recommend this gym to anyone in the Sarnia area.

Andrew C.


Pre-Surgery Prep and Post Rehab Training allows for various clients to work on a specialized program designed specifically with their goals and limitations in mind. Our trainers are Medical Fitness Professionals who not only work with the typical client looking to improve their health and fitness level, but they also have the knowledge and skills to train clients with a wide range of medical conditions. We are trained to develop safe and effective conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic disorders.

Rehabilitation people come in to the gym with a pre existing injury or aches and pains. The Ironworks staff members are trained to help identify and address these pre existing conditions and design a proper program to help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated. Simple things like proper posture, working within certain limitations can help eliminate pain and more forward towards a pain free existence.

Our client's testimonials speak for themselves:

Dan F

"A couple of months prior to major back surgery in Toronto, I started working out with the Ironworks team to help me get as strong as possible going into surgery.

My neurosurgeon and physiotherapist in Toronto both commented that they wished all their patients would take the time to get in as best condition as possible prior to surgery with a personal trainer.

My recovery and on-going strength training has been a much easier process thanks to my Ironworks team."

Lise S

"The first time I arrived at ironworks Gym I was in a wheelchair after having experienced a brain aneurism about a year earlier.

Right from the onset, Ironworks offered me an opportunity to try to regain some of what I had lost, both physically and emotionally. The camaraderie of the staff, trainers and other members was great: I found it to be both refreshing and uplifting.

The "crew" has in my opinion, assembled Sarnia's best gym and training facility. From the studio classes: the newly redone upstairs facilities: the staff and trainers: the great customer service from the front desk and the constant community support they provide to different non-profit groups, I feel Ironworks Gym is the BEST, and I personally owe it ALOT!"

Dan E

"I've been a part of the Ironworks family since 2007. After suffering a spinal cord injury I was referred to Ironworks where I found my recovery really progress. Life in a wheelchair has been a challenge but working with the Ironworks trainers was a blessing! All the staff are awesome to work with and they have helped me to regain my strength, and with that, so much independence."

Dawn P

"I would like to make a tribute to the unusual abilities of management and staff of the dominantly, outstanding gym we have at IRONWORKS.

My personal experience as a client was due to a sever stroke 5 years ago. My trainer is a unique teacher, innovative, fun, patient and always finds new ways to challenge and encourage with a record of fine achievements.

My program has been amazing according to my doctor, and improvements are still coming after 5 years. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the ability to have come this far and achieve the goals we've been working towards. BRAVO IRONWORKS!"


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