Pathways Health Centre For Children has been a proud partner of Ironworks Fitness for more than 15 years. Ironworks Fitness has always believed that children and youth with special needs deserve choices and opportunities to be actively involved in not only fitness, but recreation opportunities in their community. Together, the Annual "Give The Kids A Lift" integrated Bench Press Contest has raised over $150,000 to purchase adapted recreation equipment, build our community's first Sledge Hockey program and annually support our Therapeutic Horseback Riding program, Teen programs and Sensory Swim programs for children with autism. For the last 15 years, Ironworks has also provided training space, support and equipment for the Iron Eagles Strength Training Club for young people with special needs. Building people and communities is what they do best!

Dave Schaller



Started working with Ironworks Fitness in 1999 after graduating from The University of Western Ontario and have enjoyed being involved with such a great community based facility. I have experience in competitive sports and enjoy trying any sport/activity once.

My perfect day would include a long walk with my dog in the morning, then quality time with my husband and children playing outside.


As the office manager, most of the time I assume the position of being the 'Mama Bear' of Ironworks. Always making sure everything is going smoothly at the front desk, I love being able to interact with existing and potentially new members of Ironworks.

My perfect day would include playtime with my grandson in the morning, then hitting the beach with a good book and a lounge chair for the afternoon, and then to cook a scrumptious dinner in a professional chef's kitchen.


Some would say I am the senior of the bunch here at Ironworks, but that's ok. From power lifter to power motivator, I enjoy the opportunity to help everyone.

My perfect day would include quiet time sitting at the Bluewater Bridge in my Jeep, with a coffee...double shot espresso!


Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to create my own niche at Ironworks Fitness working with Mixed Martial Arts, post-rehab and fitness clients.

Some would say my perfect day includes movie night with my family and a bag of popcorn.


Having Ironworks as my second home, I truly view all of our members a part of my family. When I started as a co-op student in 2000 I never realized how much I would enjoy this career path. I am proud to be the owner of a fitness facility that is committed to helping others in our community reach their fitness goals and healthy lifestyles.

My perfect day includes spending time with family and friends in my backyard retreat.


I started working at Ironworks in highschool and am now back after having finished my Human Kinetics degree at the University of Ottawa. I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist with a fascination in the mechanics of the human body. I guess you could call me a muscle nerd!

My Ideal day would be spent traveling new countries and trying new foods!


As one of the young-in's of the bunch I strive to always bring a smile and make people laugh at Ironworks.

My ideal day would be chillin' on the beach with a dozen donuts all to myself.


I'm a very active person, and I love playing a wide variety of sports. I have always had a large interest in training, and teaching friends proper form. I want to continue to learn new fitness routines, and keep clients interested in their training and achieve their goals!

My perfect day is every day! I come to a place I love being at whether I'm working or training. My family is close and I have great people surrounding me, I couldn't ask for much more, well and a delicious chicken dinner.


I have been part of the Ironwork's family for almost 4 years and loving every minute of it. It has become my second home. I love working the front office where I get to chat it up with all the members. My mission is to put a smile on everyone's face! I never mind making fun of myself to humor others!

My perfect day can be summed up in one word. SHOPPING!


I started out as a co-op student and have now grown into the Ironworks go to guy; machine repairs, working the desk, and interacting with current and potential members. I do it all to the best of my ability!

My ideal day would be spent at the lake with my family,friends and of course my dog, Gibson, with a nice campfire to end the night.


I have been with the Ironworks Team for over 5 years. I worked with a trainer to improve my performance on the ice for hockey; I did my high school co-op here and have worked here ever since. I have a passion for helping people work towards their goals and also interacting with all our members.

My perfect day would consist of a hard work out followed by playing pond hockey with my friends for the afternoon.

  • CPTN
  • Medical Exercise Specialist


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