I have been a member of Ironworks for eight years. Compared to some that's a short stint, but during my eight years I have experienced a quality of fitness that exceeds expectations. Ironworks is a family run gym and each and every member of the Ironworks team make you feel like part of the family - a family that I am thrilled to be connected to.

Bobbi Jo D.


The benefits that many of us derive from weight training are diverse and categorical, so we are inclined to view them in two conveniently defined categories:

  1. Wellness, self-esteem and mind-body fusion

  2. Remediation and alleviation of injury or chronic health conditions

The distinction is that the first category is about preventing disease, staying physically and mentally fit, longevity, building good body image, doing sport, socializing and having fun. The second category is more about treating diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome and quite a few more chronic disease states for which weight training has shown benefit.

If we list some of the benefits of weight training, I think you'll be surprised! Many of them are supported by scientific studies by health and fitness professionals or decades of practical experience; or else are just plain obvious. So, here we go!

  • Weight Management

  • Bodybuilding, shaping, sculpting and competing

  • Strength and Balance

  • Bone Strength and Density

  • Boosts Immunity, wellness and sleep

  • Improve function with chronic health condition such as:
    • Arthritis

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Parkinson's Disease

    • Lung Function and Rehabilitation

    • Cancer

    • Diabetes

    • Metabolic Syndrome

    • Cardiovascular Disease

Strength Equipment available at Ironworks:
  • Hammer Strength area

  • Selectorized pin equipment

  • Power area for Olympic lifting with bumper plates

  • Free weight area with dumbbells and kettle bells 1lb-150lb

  • Separate dumbbell area upstairs 5lbs - 50lbs

  • Hammer Strength
  • Cybex
  • LF-fitness.jpg


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