I have tried many different fitness facilities in the Sarnia area, as well as while travelling. I have now been at Ironworks for 5 years, and will maintain my membership for many years to come. The Ironworks team is extremely friendly and helpful. The gym and equipment are clean and well maintained. Ironworks also attracts a very friendly and courteous clientele ranging from young to old and all fitness levels. The atmosphere in the gym is always inviting. I look forward to each of my workouts and would recommend this gym to anyone in the Sarnia area.

Andrew C.

Success Stories

Jim H

"In 2011 I fell and badly broke my hip and pelvis and underwent surgery in London, ON. In January 2013 I had nerve damage in my other leg and now had trouble straightening that leg. I was hospitalized for 6 weeks and underwent rehabilitation and then was subsequently released without much improvement. Despite going through rehabilitation, physiotherapy and chiropractic care over the years after my fall, I was not making any major gains so my wife suggested I try Ironworks Gym after having to use a walker in May 2013 to get around. When I met with a trainer my main concern was that I wanted to be safe and learn the proper way to exercise to stay safe. By the end of June I had a major step forward when I was able to walk with crutches -not my walker. In July I joined the gym full time and spend 4-5 days a week working out. By late August I started to use my cane and the Ironworks team was amazed on how well I was doing. Ironworks has a team of very friendly and professional people with the compassion it takes to make people feel like they are part of their family. It's a place where they always remember your name."

Before and After

K. MacDonald

The day of my 36th birthday I made myself step on a scale. At that point I knew I had run out of excuses. I was at the end of my pregnancy, five feet tall and 226 pounds. Still, it was well over a year before I became open to making changes.

My daughter had just started walking and I knew I wouldnt be able to keep up with her energy levels. I had been at another gym for over six years and had steadily gained weight. I looked into personal training but could not negotiate a deal that worked within my budget and fitness level.

A friend suggested Ironworks Gym, and despite thinking that it was only a gym for bodybuilders, I met with an incredible trainer and knew this was the place for me! I joined in March of 2013 with a clean slate and a chance to reinvent myself from the shy, insecure person that I had become. Ironworks gave me a support system I would not have thought possible from a group of strangers whom I quickly considered friends. There is a sense of community here that I have never experienced at any other gym.

In the first nine months I lost over 50 pounds. I have learned the value of weight training and am no longer intimidated by it. I joined their running clinic and now run races. I have surpassed all of my fitness goals and will be turning 40 in the best shape of my life. At the club I also receive extensive nutritional advice. Everything I am told and encouraged to do is sensible, moderate and sustainable. I finally have the tools I need to keep on track and when I falter I have a support system of the most remarkable group of trainers, staff and members.

Lucy H.

"I have been a member of Ironworks Gym since the fall of 1988. When I entered the gym for the first time I was terrified. At that time I was grossly overweight, and the only activity I took part in was yard work. That has all changed! The gym is now part of my weekly routine, and I work out with a personal trainer three times a week. My trainer has helped me to lose weight and to deal with problems of age-related arthritis.

The gym has a cheerful atmosphere and the equipment is well maintained and is continually being up-graded. Members can take part in the many classes that are available.

What makes Ironworks special is the Ironworks team. They are knowledgeable about how the body responds and which movements make the greatest impact, whether one is using free weights or machines. However, what is most important about the Ironworks staff is they care. They smile when they greet you and address you by your name because you are important to them. The team takes pride in the family atmosphere of the gym. They take time to talk to people, to help them as they work out, and to listen to their concerns. This family atmosphere is also evident in how the members of the gym interact with one another. There are always co-op students at the gym learning about the hard work involved in maintaining a gym. Many former students have gone on to become part of the staff. This, too, is indicative of how special Ironworks is.

In closing, I want to share a comment made by my nephew when he had to find a gym in London after having had a membership at Ironworks. He said that Ironworks has spoiled him for all other gyms. Not one is like Ironworks!"


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